Thursday, 1 October 2009

Poppies in a field Wrap- Retazos

This is a gorgeous wrap or big shawl hand felted in the softest merino wool. I call it "scraps" because I wanted to give the idea that I had put together bits and pieces of felt to make a new big piece. In fact, I worked on each individual piece and later put it all together, hand felting it.
Gorgeous purple, lilas, mauve, beige and white for this season...
Hand dyed and blended merino with silk, hand spun yarn, fabric leaves, stitching...

79cm x 151cm
75euros + shipping

private orders:
Payment: paypal

click on the photo for a larger view and details!


ingermaaike said...

These new wraps are superb!

gabapir fieltro said...

new blog!! congrats !! como veras te are "my felt guru"!!!