Wednesday, 18 March 2009

On my desk Wednesday...wool

A few new pieces, far from being finished. This is stage one.

A big handfelted wrap. It's lovely soft merino wool with the swirls done in hand spun -by moi- yarn which is added to the designs whilst felting.
To its right, a scarf, also merino with bamboo strands. This is my first attempt to some shibori dyeing. Not completely succesful, but I still like the effect.
Bellow, a scarflette, long and thing. Hand felted with white merino and yarn and dyed later.
Red is quite difficult to photograph but also my favorite color so I tend to add it everywhere. This pictures do no justice to the brightness and depth of the colors.
Last picture is of my first attempts on wool spinning. This yarn has been done with a drop spindle... I'm starting small!

More pictures soon as I finish the pieces!

xx Mariana

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